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Barlow Keener
I completely agree with you. One excellent point is that the iPhone will have a regular Safari browser which should (as we will soon see) allow a user to download any flash content right from the broswer. This is difficult to do on my 3G Samsung Blackjack for Rocketboom and impossible for a Youtube, Blip.tv, or Veoh video. As much as I would like to download these "free" videos on my mobile phone I can not. The other concept is about who is watching YouTube. I don't have the stats but ancedotally know that one of my older golfing friends searches YouTube and other video sites for golf tips - better to watch than to read about how to hit the ball. He loves the short, professionally produced video clips. And this means he is spending time watching video on the internet (as he would on AppleTV) and not network or cable TV.

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