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Paula Lynn
Hi Shelly, Of all people, I know you know Freedom is not free. It's a balance and the winner should not always be the winner or the entire winner. Now add in more humans lack of compassion from the powers that be with the benjamins over morality (not as in religious), NIMBY except for the benjamins, charity as a purchase rather as a giving, and the instant gratification of sharing the highs, squeaky-wheel syndrome in part. Thought and deliberation of ramifications have been given way through technology because it can be done as opposed to your totally encompassing should it be done. If the bees are disappearing because of tech towers, do you rather have cell phones or food? How do we keep technology and get our bees back? Now or when it is too late? The precipice of a Clockwork Orange? So before it may be too late, thank you for helping to keep thought and deliberation of ramifications alive through a voice to which many can listen.

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