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The Apple TV is a great device which has a lot of potential with hacks being released day by day. Being able to install a larger hard drive, emulaters, and even play DIVX and XVID videos. You can read more about these hacks on our forums: http://www.appletvbbs.com
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The truest form of cross-media where the story or service structure is specifically authored to drive the audience using strong Call-To-Actions, across media devices to continue the journey. The content placed on the other platform is critical to staying in touch with the experience and the narrative bridges tease you towards investigating or moving to another media form/platform. Obvious examples include a TV show that ends suddenly and gives you a URL to explore more. It may be an SMS that teases and points you towards a live concert in a city square which then leads you to a TV show, then to a podcast then to subscription emails. The trigger, or bridge, is the critical component of this in motivating the cross-media action.
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That's it. It has some other features, but they are less interesting and far less useful.
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How many chanels it can show?
I agree with the previous post.
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This will do for me for the meantime. Im adding this to my gears.

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