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great post. if mtv was smart enough they would bring back all there archives of videos and preview for free and download for a fee on demand.
Tony Steward
I think there are several points to consider in this MTV deal. The first of which in the next couple of years web video will be piped onto everyone's TV. YouTube, VideoCasts, shows and movies for download but more likely streaming is going to revolutionize broadcast media. What MTV is doing is putting a priority of having a strategy in place to already be "present" in the different facets of online entertainment and video as they come to the living room. And their incredible advantage is their audience that is full of the early adopters in using these services in its new channels. I think we need to get past the point of thinking broadcast vs online entertainment and start realizing that they are going to be the same thing, in a different way, in short order. An easy example of this is the Apple TV that is just starting to ship. It will bring Broadcast Quality television (read: HD 720p) and movies from your computers, as well as your photo slide shows, podcasts, video casts, and much more. What I see happening is Media getting completely decentralized into many channels, then redefined in is monetization and formats, and finally coming back together in new form with devices and services that keep it all piping into our living rooms with online connectivity and broadcast quality combined. MTV is jumping into the process of the decentralization, to be a front runner in the rest of the process, and the most important element is that they have the crowd who are most willing to go to new places, try new things, and who trusts MTV to lead them towards "cool".
for me the big mistake is the self-focus. they're competing with YOUtube & MYspace, yet they haven't realised the big sellers there: "YOU", "MY". TV was about the broadcaster, the web is about the viewer.
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The next generation of websites and applications will allow users to communicate and interact in ways that were a fantasy a decade ago. At 3.0 Media we are marrying these technologies to make that fantasy a reality.
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Huh, still don't know what it will be Media 4.0?
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