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Chris Anderson
Great post, Shelly. I've responded here.
Cyril Regis
Great piece. Especially your criticism of Anderson.
Great post. Especially the part with "The Long Tail has no relevance to the television business." It's so true! CSI is better than everything on youtube combined, and pretty much everyone I know would agree with me.
John I.
I believe that the notion put forward by the Long Tail theory as expressed by Chris Anderson really implies that what once dominated as being the "mainstream" (and, sadly, sometimes the only)choice for the average consumer, now gradually loses its grip towards the audiences it once addressed. And TV is no exception to this. Time is a limited resource for individuals and I prefer to spent mine on YouTube watching anytime whatever I like, than on any TV network telling me what to watch and when to watch it, from its very limited portfolio of programs. And - what is more -whatever I watch on YouTube I know they'll be no ads interrupting it.
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