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It seems that the boat has been missed and somebody should be running right now to bring it back to port. It seems like something that Creative Commons should start to delve into.
Insightful article. Of course you are absolutely right that the RIAA is woefully out of touch. But I think you may be mistaken on one issue. You said: "However, in iTunes 7.x, you can't burn a 'Red Book' CD that includes copy-protected material." But I do this all the time. Just to be sure, I just now grabbed a file I paid for from iTunes, added it to a playlist, and then burned the playlist to CD. I then took the CD and was able to read it in numerous other CD players. I have iTunes 7.0.2 on a Windows XP PC. Did you remember to add the file to a playlist before you tried to burn? That is a step I sometimes forget.
I Love you girls Buy

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