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Hisani DuBose
Shelly, I find this column enlightening and as with all the rapidly developing new media, kind of jolting. I had not considered the fact that there are people who cannont conceive of a phone company and are beyond IMs. However it makes sense. Its just like trying to explain what an album or 45 is to someone who has never seen one. We are acquiring information faster and faster...like a people drinking gallons of coffee a day (my mistake, they don't need coffee anymore, energy drinks with more caffine than coffee could ever have). Your blog is important because its good to know what's new. Even if its hard to keep up with at least we have a clue as to where its going. Hisani
Michael Markman
Shelly, I think the vision we're heading toward is much better captured by Star Trek TNG than by Kirk, Uhura, and Spock. Picard and crew had hand-helds of various sizes, desk models, and the big ultra HD flat panel. (not to mention the full-immersion experience of the holodeck.)

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