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Jan Michael Hess
Hi Shelly, it is no surpirse that the free wireless networks community is upgrading to WiMax sooner or later. And it is cool that your crowd is pioneering the WiMax experience. I have a couple of questions: - Which 802.16x do you use? - Which frequency do you use? - Is this frequency unlicensed? - How much is the equipment? - What equipment do you actually need? Please answer my questions here and I pick them up on my blog. Thanks and regards from Berlin, Jan.
WiMAX Europe
What equipment do you use ?
It is I, A good samaritan
I signed up for newsletter and read over the websites. Where can I purchase such equipment? I will gladly share such excess bandwith to my local firefighters. I take online courses and work fulltime (plus overtime), but my job doesn't have internet access and I am in dire need for a solution to remedy.
hi my name is daniel i need equepment wimax 1-wimax card 2-anntena for wimax card for 10 miles send for me bill for up list very fast thanks for all service by
rina galal
pls, i would like to know: the price of Wimax base station. the price of CPE. the customer payment per month for which bit rate and which max distance.
Serhat KOCAK
i'm a rich man i want to setup a wimex access point in my city.
RFID Antenna Company
I've been searching about different Antenna's for telecommunication and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.
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i'm a rich man i want to setup a wimex access point in my city.

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