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Oscar Merida
Customers want it to. If it makes it easier for my TiVo to work with Cable (or get my parents a Tivo that replaces their current craptastic set top box ) then I'm all for it! But then again, what do I know - I'm a sattelite dish subscriber.
Thomas Hawk
The FCC should take a very active and aggressive role in regulating the cable monopolies in order to encourge PC and CE based innovations with regards to television. Although the cable providers and content producers might prefer that we go back to the "good old days" of the 1980s when they held Americans hostage in their living rooms to bad advertising, bad technology and poorly produced programming, it is too late -- the digital revolution is on and this time it will in fact be televised. The FCC should do everything in it's power to force the cable providers to produce tools that allow equipment makers to develop products to enhance the end users' enjoyment and television satisfcation. This includes bi-directional CableCARDs and the killing off of the broadcast flag. We will see much better television when the competition cannot be so tightly confined by out of touch television and cable executives. Thanks for covering this important topic Shelly.

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