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The disconnect is between what television was and what video is becoming. Television was the organizer of mass media and mass markets. The idea that a single retail experience can be the same across the nation (or the world) came from TV. Think Coke, or McDonalds, or The Gap. TV sets an expectation of what the mass market experience should be - and then retail fulfills it. But Mass isn't quality. So along comes IPTV and provides narrowcast solutions (unlike cable which never really did) and these narrow niches seem absurd if they don't meet your needs. This is a huge problem for Madison Avenue - which count's on mass media. But its also a huge opportunity for marketing - and for media makers. Why? Because for the first time i can consider making media for a small (20,000 - 50,000) audience and create an economic model that works. The niche-ification of media will explode business models of current tv networks - and Tivo, Apple, and others know this. So making media for the niches rather than the masses arrives at a critical moment in time. And yes, quality will still rise to the top - but it won't be quality in any of the ways we're used to defining it. It will be contextual quality. Example: http://mehfiltube.magnify.net/ A wildly popular Hindustani Music Channel, powered by Magnify.net. Its a true paradigm shift - and we're just at the beginning. (ps - don't count Tivo out yet, those patent wins could put some much needed $$$ in thier till).

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